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Value thinking. Leverage diversity. Embolden mathematical minds.


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Success for Our Children

All of us want children throughout Michigan to be successful. An important part of student success centers around proficiency in mathematics. The laws of mathematics govern our world,  and children need a solid understanding of mathematical concepts to successfully navigate everyday life. Learning and appreciating math can help children appreciate things that they would not otherwise notice about the world.  

These Essentials seek to promote high-quality, equitable teaching and learning for children in the discipline of mathematics.  Research suggests that these eight practices have significant potential to positively affect children’s learning of mathematics.   The long-term goal is that this document will prompt shifts in systems, learning, teaching, and assessment so that each and every child develops strong mathematical understanding, skills, dispositions and identities.

Using the Mathematics Essentials will help build conceptual understanding among our learners.  Join us at #MIearlymathEIPs

Value thinking. Leverage diversity. Embolden mathematical minds.

Early Mathematics Task Force

Theory of Action

ALL Michigan children develop strong early mathematics understanding, skills and dispositions

  • Align Research, practice, resources, and policy

  • Develop state, regional, and local leaders in mathematics education

  • Embed sustained, practice-based professional learning with supports

  • Develop teachers' understanding of content, instructional practices, and context

  • Implement research-support instructional practices in every classroom every day

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Value Thinking. Leverage Diversity. Embolden Mathematical Minds.