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Upcoming Events

EMT workshop

Register Here for November 3rd, 2021, January 10th, 2022, & April 14th, 2022 Events! 


Looking for more Opportunities to hear about the Math Essentials?    Join us at the Math in Action Conference  or the Michigan School Testing Conference to hear conference presentations!  

At the Math in Action Conference  you can dive deeper into Essential Instructional Practices in Math: PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!  What comes to your mind when you think of children “tinkering” in mathematics? Young children need to play and have FUN while engaging in rich activities as they can begin to see themselves as knowers and doers of mathematics. In this session, attendees will learn how to spot opportunities in the classroom to help children engage in rich mathematical discussions during play.   Kim Fox & Gerri Devine will be presenting!  



At the Michigan School Testing Conference you dive deeper into – Valuing Children’s Differences as Formative  Assessment Opportunities:  
We know and value that children demonstrate their mathematical
understandings in a variety of ways, but how do we also leverage
those differences to inform instruction? In this session we will dig
into the Essential Instructional Practices for Early Mathematics to
understand the asset-based approach to the formative assessment
process. This session will provide attendees opportunities to
see formative assessment in the early elementary mathematics
classroom from a new or refined lens.
Kristi Hanby, Wayne RESA
Rusty Anderson, Kent ISD and Early Math Task Force